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The town is definitely buzzing at the moment and lots of locals are having their little chance of stardom, Steve being one of them.  He is like a kid in a lolly shop and comes home with lots of interesting news to tell.  For example, after the fifth take of miming a scene, Derek (our accountant) who is playing the detective, snorted back a laugh and that was it, they all just lost it.  Steve said 'as soon as 'cut' was called, he had to race outside to regain composure'.  To the untrained eye it all just looks like chaos on the main street during filming but obviously the very clever people bring it all together in the end somehow.  I have attached some photos of the buildings in the main street that have been converted into 1965 businesses including the Pemberton Mill Hall is now named Corrigan Town Hall, sporting a new sign and all.  Toni Collette is still in town but I believe Hugo Weaving has now left.  Accommodation in Pemberton is overflowing a bit but there are still the odd vacancies here and there.  Rainbow Trail Chalets still has some luxury spa chalets available between now and December.   20151118_084513_resized 20151118_084357_005_resized20151118_084458_resized20151118_084445_resized
This year the Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival will be in its 14th year, the festival not only celebrates the start of the cherry season, but also the high quality local produce grown in the area, in particular, the Cherry.  It will be on Sunday the 13th of December and in addition to the possibility to purchase just picked cherries that morning early you can just watch a few entertainment shows, browse the numerous stalls or get a bit more involved and book in to the 'Long Table Lunch' or view the Art Trail.  This year for the first time I am keen to give the Long Table Lunch a go, so standby for my feedback on that.  Accommodation in Pemberton does start to busy up for that weekend so best to book now wherever you keen to stay so you don't miss out on your first choice.
Typically you get a kilo box for $15.

Typically you get a kilo box for $15.

Lefroy Brook rapids along Rainbow TrailAlthough not as full as it has been in past winters, the Lefroy Brook rapids are looking beautiful at the moment.  About a 2km (ish) walk from your chalet along the Rainbow Trail and you will get to this spot where you can get right down to the rapids and fill your water bottles with beautiful clean water.  For those of you with a bit more energy to burn or on mountain bikes, keep going until you get to Big Brook Dam; this is an awesome walk or ride.
27th September 2015 The Gravity Series Race 3 Mountain Bike Race is on again on the 31st of October and the 1st of November.  This is a great mountain bike race that suits both beginners and the not so beginners and is always a fun weekend.  The best thing about this race is that it is downhill and not uphill, if you saw the steepness of the hill, you would agree with me.  If you are thinking about registering for this event, do it soon, and also get in quick with your accommodation as Pemberton does book out for this event.  Rainbow Trail Chalets is very conveniently located to the mountain bike park, you can ride to and from the park in minutes and we have awesome trails right here on our property.
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