Well, actually, they arrived a long time ago, we just couldn’t get a plumber to install them into each chalet. However, the dishwashers are in now and look great and I believe being used regularly.

Steve and I are always looking for ways to improve our chalets standards and since the recently installed Nespresso Coffee Machines and the dishwashers we believe that in conjunction with our chalet decor and furnishings, location and view we have almost nailed it. But, nothing is ever perfect, so onto the next project. This winter Steve and I (and anyone else we can wrangle in) will be on the shovels creating more gardens and parkland landscaping around our chalets. This is no easy task when we live on clay, but bring it on, it will be worth it in the long run. It is actually amazing how well native plants grow in our clay, already the shrubs and trees that we planted three years ago are looking great and have created the exact look we were hoping for.

So our luxury spa chalets are becoming more luxurious all the time.

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