I was thinking this morning about how people come to find Rainbow Trail Chalets. While many of our guests are referrals, the majority find us via our website, which is also connected to a bunch of tourism sites around the web. One of the things we know from our website statistics is that many people view our website on their mobile device – be it an iPad, iPod or other mobile phone. With that in mind, we’re currently working on a mobile version of our website… so keep checking back for that in the next few weeks!

Down South

Down South Karri Forests

Down South Karri Forests

Along those lines, it’s my guess that many people will ask “Siri” – your iPhone’s little helper – to “Find me a place to stay down south”. This is especially true for Sand-Groper locals (click here to find out why West Aussie’s are called Sand-Gropers!) where “Down South” offers the promise of a quick getaway filled with wineries, luscious fine food and equally as luscious scenery.

Hence this blog post. When you ask Siri to find you a place to stay down South – we want Siri to include us in her reply! Tucked away in the South-West corner of Western Australia, Pemberton is one of the best places to visit “Down South“. Our beautiful town offers everything you could want in a holiday and more. We have an amazing array of activities and things to do, including swimming, bush walking, hiking, cycling, tree-climbing, wineries, etc. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re super-active or super-relaxed.

The Place to Stay? With Us of Course!

Our guests are always pleasantly surprised by the location of Rainbow Trail Chalets. We are just a 2 minutes drive from down, but our stunning property is secluded and private… from your cottage, you wouldn’t even know there’s a town nearby. It’s the best of both worlds. What’s more, everything about the chalets is luxurious. Each building is separate and private, including private balconies and parking spaces. And each chalet is complete with only the best fittings, such as wooden floors, elegant spa baths and little extras like ipod docking stations and coffee machines.

Recommended Accommodation Down South

No matter how you’ve found this website today, whether it was recommended by Siri, by your mobile phone, by another site or by a friend, we’d love to welcome you to visit us here, down south! For room availability, simply check our book now button and book your stay with us today. We look forward to meeting you!

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