Killarnée Targa South West will be running for the second time in Pemberton this year.  The race is an exciting tarmac car rallying event that’s designed to be a fun weekend away for the crews and their teams and at the same time the people in and around Pemberton and Manjimup are able to enjoy an exciting motor sport event right on their doorstep.  When I say ‘right at their doorstep’, I mean this literally.  This year the course has been extended and rally cars will be driving straight past our front gates, front row seats yeh (very happy).

Last year it was a lot of fun waiting for one of the drivers to make a technical error and do something embarrasing like crash, unfortunately we had to settle with a few tyre sqeals and fish tails.  This year I will be sitting at my front gate with a glass of wine, chair and nibbles, so bring your comfy BBQ chairs from home and join me if you wish.

I forgot to say the date, Stage 1 is on Saturday 21st of May and Stage 2 is on the Sunday.  I have put a link (just copy and paste) below that shows the route of the rally past our property.

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