I received a text message not so long ago from Graeme (Pemberton Discovery Tours) asking if my family and I wanted to o on a Discovery Tour to Yeargarup National Park sand dunes with Postcards WA on board.  Stay tuned for that one on TV (I will keep you posted on this news sight).  My kids, mother in-law and I were spoilt for a day and got to experience fantastic 4WDing through the Yeargarup Sand Dunes (the largest sand dune system in the southern hemisphere)  with Graeme at the wheel.  We ended up at the river mouth down at the beach where my kids got to paddle their feet.  The Postcards film crew were absolutely fantastic, very friendly and accommodating.  It was also really interesting seeing how it all works behind the scenes, not as glamorous as it always looks on TV (but I’ve gotta say, they’ve got great jobs).  I think that the show is supposed to be airing around April ish.

I can definitely recommend that tour with Graeme (and he’s a pretty good bloke as well).


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