Rainbow Trail Chalets Pemberton Accommodation Panoramic

Yes, after peer group pressure, Rainbow Trail Chalets has now joined the Facebook revolution.  I have no idea on what to do with it really BUT… I had an idea.  A lot of our guests who stay with us have never been to Pemberton before and have really got no idea what to see or do.  I think that it would be great if guests could upload a photo and a little description of something they did while they were here, that they would like to recommend to other people.  I have only been living in Pemberton three years and have still only seen a very small portion of what it has to offer,I would love to hear about your experiences and so would everyone else.  I would also love to put any really fantastic shots onto my website and really show off my beautiful town to the rest of the world.

I thought that I would also take the opportunity while on facebook to show-off my little star attraction, Cocoa.  I have posted a photo that I took last night of Cocoa while she was being very cute and sleepy on the lounge.  Cocoa is fast becoming not such a little joey anymore, but she still thinks she is and is just a big sook (and a bit naughty sometimes to).  I will keep you all up to date on her progress through facebook.

Check out the Facebook page here. Icons coming soon!

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