The town is definitely buzzing at the moment and lots of locals are having their little chance of stardom, Steve being one of them.  He is like a kid in a lolly shop and comes home with lots of interesting news to tell.  For example, after the fifth take of miming a scene, Derek (our accountant) who is playing the detective, snorted back a laugh and that was it, they all just lost it.  Steve said ‘as soon as ‘cut’ was called, he had to race outside to regain composure’.  To the untrained eye it all just looks like chaos on the main street during filming but obviously the very clever people bring it all together in the end somehow.  I have attached some photos of the buildings in the main street that have been converted into 1965 businesses including the Pemberton Mill Hall is now named Corrigan Town Hall, sporting a new sign and all.  Toni Collette is still in town but I believe Hugo Weaving has now left.  Accommodation in Pemberton is overflowing a bit but there are still the odd vacancies here and there.  Rainbow Trail Chalets still has some luxury spa chalets available between now and December.




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