Luxury Accommodation gone a bit crazy at Rainbow Trail Chalets.  It all happened at once and was chaos for a few weeks.  First one orphaned lamb arrived, then another the next day and then two one week old Fresian calves the next week (what was I thinking).  One calf didn’t make it (very sad day) but all the others are thriving and proving to be quite popular. Who said that cute and cuddly (yes Cheddar my calf is cute and cuddly) farm animals are just for the kids? I think some of the couples staying here have loved being able to experience a bit of country; those who have gotten up early enough have even bottle fed the babies.  If you don’t mind a bit of slobber and getting butted up the behind by Cheddar when his bottle runs out then you are welcome to join in (only about another 4 weeks and they will be weaned off bottles). Cheddar loves a big scratch under the neck while Molly the lamb loves a cuddle, Abba our other lamb is just naughty, add this onto one older joey, a stick mad dog, a very affectionate cat who thinks he’s a dog and follows the kids around, a cocky who digs to China daily and loves a cuddle and 19 chooks (the girls), life is never dull for us in Pemberton at Rainbow Trail Chalets luxury spa chalets.

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